CHASM - international version (2004)


CHASM is Ryuichi Sakamoto's 15th studio album. The album features experimental electronica, Ryuichi's signature piano playing, and some familiar collaborators including Arto Lindsay, David Sylvian, as well as Haruomi Hosono & Yukihiro Takahashi (Ryuichi's former bandmates in Yellow Magic Orchestra).

Please note although the CD is in mint condition and un-opened, this is not a new release but backstock.

01. undercooled
02. coro
03. War & Peace
05. World Citizen - I won't be disappointed/looped piano
06. only love can conquer hate
07. Ngo/bitmix
08. break with
09. +pantonal
10. 20 msec.
11. laménto
12. World Citizen/re-cycled
13. song
14. word
15. Seven Samurai - ending theme