Morelenbaum²/Sakamoto : Casa - international version (2002)


Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jaques Morelenbaum, and Paula Morelenbaum got together in January '01 in Rio de Janeiro to record a collection of some of the lesser-known beautiful pieces written by Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim. Thanks to the generosity of Jobim's family, the group had the honor to record in the most inspiring setting imaginable, the study of Tom Jobim. As if that wasn't enough, the setting provided the ultimate perk; it enabled Sakamoto to record the album on Jobim's piano, "The whole experience was spiritual, as if Tom's spirit came into me through the fingerprints on the keys of his piano. During one of the recordings at his house a bird suddenly sang in the middle of the song. We all thought that was Tom."

Please note although the CD is in mint condition and un-opened, this is not a new release but backstock.

01. As Praias Desertas
02. O Amore Em Paz
03. Vivo Sonhando - Dreamer
04. Inútil Paisagem
05. Sabiá
06. Chanson Pour Michelle
07. Bonita
08. Fotografia - Photograph
09. Imagina
10. Estrada Branca
11. O Grande Amor
12. Canção Em Modo Menor
13. Tema Para Ana
14. Derradeira Primavera
15. Esperança Perdida - I Was Just One More For You
16. Sem Você

Bonus Tracks
17. Samba Do Avião (Live)
18. Improvisation (Live)